Fusion Forms, a series of multiple exposure solarizations, recombines body forms into surreal sculptures.  I was fascinated by a wood sculpture I owned, made by a friend, where the sculptor was free to combine several body forms into a single abstract piece.  I wondered how far I could push photography to do the same thing.  I had already been experimenting with layerings of body images using Polaroid 4x5 and 8x10 color materials.  I thought if I did multiple shots and then fused the layers by solarizing a negative, I might achieve my goal.   So I began experimenting with Polaroid Type 55 B&W positive/negative film and a 4x5 view camera.  After making the initial exposures, I opened the film packet as it was developing and re-exposed it to white light.  This created a “Man Ray-like” solaration of the negative.  It shows up in the prints as black Mackie lines and partially re-exposed shadow areas.