“When Karin Rosenthal talks about the light in Greece, it’s almost as mesmerizing as when she describes it in photographs: ‘On some days, the water would be absolutely still and actually evaporate into the air, so you’d have no horizon; the sky and water would become one. Those were days that were perfect for my work. You’d look into the light, and everything would be silver. The water seemed to have a skin on it and would heave like a giant animal.’"

“In Rosenthal’s work, as in her words, figure and landscape are united. Stones and liquid take on the substance of flesh, while human forms become an outgrowth of their aqueous surroundings and are transformed, through the tricks of light and craft, into peninsulas, coastlines, islands."

excerpts from an article by Julie Lasky
in Print Magazine, Sept/Oct. 1991

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