Current Workshops


Sept 2015 The Human Landscape

Nude in Landscape Workshop (All levels)
Karin Rosenthal, Instructor
Friday, June 16- Monday, June 19, 2017
Cape Cod National Seashore (working out of a Truro House)

The class will gather at noon on Friday in a lovely Truro house and end at 5PM on Monday. Our shooting terrain will be in the exceptionally beautiful National Seashore area.  In daily shoots in ponds, dunes, and woods, you will learn to identify locations and qualities of light that illuminate your personal style.  If you have never worked with models or photographed nudes in the landscape, this class will introduce you to a new world.  Combining the established genres of nude and landscape photography offers a larger whole with new emotional and conceptual possibilities.  You will deal with the practical concerns of posing and directing models as you collaborate with them to create unique images.  There will be daily critiques and discussions.  Maximum of 9 students.

Workshop Fee: $595 (4 days)
Models Fee: to be determined later
Rooms to be reserved in the house or at a nearby reasonably-priced motel.  More details available.


The Landgrove Inn is a charming and comfortable New England Inn known for its great setting, gracious hospitality and wonderful food.  The venues for shooting are numerous, both at the inn and in the area: a pond, swimming pool, rushing streams, and large fields.  Horses, lakes, beautiful gardens, and woodlands are also nearby.  There are a variety of public spaces where we can gather for discussions and to edit and view work. Peruse the website listed below to see more and learn about the Inn's history. 


Beyond the Pose (Intermediate/Advanced)  
Karin Rosenthal, Instructor
Sunday, August 20- Friday, August 25, 2017
Landgrove Inn, Landgrove, VT

The class begins at 5PM on Sunday and ends at 7PM on Friday, following an exhibition.  For those of you who have taken a workshop with me before or have experience photographing models, this class is designed to take you closer to a singular style and vision.  There will be opportunities to work independently with models each day in settings of your choice. Daily critiques and class feedback will help focus your strengths as well as your unique approach.  There will be a public exhibition at the Inn on Friday evening where you will have the option of hanging some prints you bring to the class.  There will also be a slide show of some of the best images of the week.  Maximum of 8 students.

Workshop Fee: $750 (6 days)
Models Fee: to be determined later
Room including all Meals: Please contact Tom at the Landgrove Inn to reserve your discounted room, 802-824-6673.

Nude in Landscape (All levels)
Karin Rosenthal, Instructor
Labor Day Weekend, around Sept 1-4, 2017 (specific days & times TBD)
Landgrove Inn, Landgrove, VT

This class provides an opportunity for students at different levels to explore and develop their rationale for working with bodies in nature.  There will be several shoots with models in a variety of compelling settings near the Inn and elsewhere.  Daily critiques and class feedback will foster clarification of style and content.  Maximum of 9 students.

Workshop Fee: $595 (4 days)
Models Fee: to be determined later
Room including all Meals: Please contact Tom at the Landgrove Inn to reserve your discounted room, 802-824-6673.

Please contact Karin at for further information or to sign up.


Some comments from students at the June 2015 Cape Workshop
"Karin Rosenthal is a wonderful photography workshop teacher. Karin is very supportive yet demanding; she encourages everyone’s unique style and best work. Karin’s aesthetic opinions are most helpful in tuning one's photographic style, and she has a wealth of technical information. Her female and male models are very experienced and help students envision their ideas.  I highly recommend Karin’s workshop." ~Lee Post

"I do think the Outer Cape is a fantastic place to shoot. Best takeaway for me was looking for the post-crop image before you shoot and how to work effectively with models." ~Richard Dana

"I really loved the workshop. It was exciting, energetic, and packed with creative experiences. [Karin's workshop] imparted an esthetic of compositional refinement that will serve me well in crafting my pictures...[and] has become my guide to clarifying and honing my creative thought process." ~Ralph Mercer



Please contact Karin at to express interest or for further information about these workshops.

Comments from Former Students :

"Not all great photographers are good teachers, but Karin is. What I like about Karin most is her way of working very closely and in depth with each person in a workshop. Her crits are the best I have ever experienced—detailed and informative. She is very forthright in her feedback which is what every really good student craves, but she is also supportive as she guides you into new areas and helps you see beyond the habits that might be blocking artistic progress."
-Thomas Mikelson

"Taking a workshop with Karin Rosenthal is a experience for all fine art all of my 20 years as a photographer and taking many, many workshops I
have never learned as much as from Karin...her keen eye and artistic approach to a subject separates her from other teachers.
-Jean Germain

"The workshop I took with Karin in 2001 was the best three-week course I had ever taken in four days."
-Michael Seif

"The setting, the group, the mentoring, the models, the food, the spirited discussions, the insightful and knowledgeable input from all, all exceeded my expectations...what a uniquely great learning experience!"  -2009 Workshop Student