I resumed shooting Nudes in Water on Cape Cod in 1988, 7 years after  doing the Greek series.  I found the kettle ponds in the National  Seashore to be perfect settings.  Lily pas and water hyacinths  replaced the rocks of Greece as counterpoints to the figure, and the  softer, variable New England light challenged me to expand my visual  vocabulary.  Thus emerged the blackwater nudes and the animus/ anima 

I consider these images most successful when their "objective"  reality is countered with several levels of ambiguity and mystery, so  that what they seem to be is stronger than what they are.  Water and  light are often my allies in reaching this goal of illusion. Together, they create reflections and shadows that transform the body  and reed forms;  they illuminate transparent underwater worlds or  bring into being metallic crucibles of life.